A gym project that runs throughout the year and invites young people aged between 13-18 to become strong through power lifting.

Over three sessions per week, students are trained in how to lift weights safely and with growing confidence and ability. As they work together as part of a cohort of students, so they learn to rely on each other and grow as a community of young men who look out for each other, becoming stronger as part of a team.
HeadStrong helps young people to become strong in their bodies, strong in their thinking and strong in their connection
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Our four aims of HeadStrong are as follows


Building CORE strength. Physical strength carries over towell-being, feeling able, feeling positive


Building COMMUNITY. Brothers/family – a sense of belonging without judgment


Feeling a greater all-round CONFIDENCE, but specifically an increased confidence in speaking (up) and athleticism


Increasing CAPACITY in growing resilience and the mental capacity to overcome adversity

Where we began

HeadStrong began when a team of people from Ashford Vineyard came together, acutely aware of the mental health challenges facing so many young people (particularly teenage boys) today. This has been made worse by the pandemic. In a survey of 2,438 13-25 year olds carried out by Young Minds, 67% of respondents believed that the pandemic will have a long-term negative effect on their mental health. A report on data gathered by the Millennium Cohort Study (following the lives of around 19,000 young people) said that, “when the 17-year-olds from the cohort were asked if they had ever hurt themselves “on purpose in an attempt to end your life”, 7% replied yes. When asked if they had self-harmed during the previous year, 24% responded that they had.” As for teenage boys and young men, research by the University of Manchester around suicide in under-25s that examined 922 suicides in this age range, a staggering 76% of those were male.

We believe that by inviting young people into a ‘gym’ type space and working with them around the four aims detailed above, a difference can be made.

Trial completed, Stage 2 coming!

After the trial was completed in October ’21, the decision was taken to press ahead with the project. It was a no-brainer really, as the results were so compelling. In CORE, the students showed a 35% increase in weight. In feeling a sense of COMMUNITY, the students reported a 52% increase. For CONFIDENCE, a 35% increase and CAPACITY to deal with difficult life situations, a brilliant 24% increase.

While we work behind the scenes to make this a permanent gym, we will be running another eight-week programme starting 19th September. If you are interested, then please email headstrong@pneumachurch.uk to let us know you are up for it (or if you have any questions!)

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