Exploring Faith

Exploring Faith

“Father God wants us to know just how He feels about us!”

Being a ‘Christian’ is not about rules, it is about relationship. If we could, we would write this in the sky or get it pulled along by an aeroplane! We have an incredible Father God who loves us, who is on our side, who is pursuing us and who is relentless in that pursuit. Saying yes to being in a relationship with Him starts with us realising our need of Him and desiring that relationship. The Bible says that if we ask and then begin that relationship with Father God, that we are literally made new. We heard someone describe it recently as being like all the colours were brighter and others have felt peace pour over them! 

You see, Father God can be experienced too. It’s not religious ritual that is our duty to perform, it is not trying to live up to a set of impossible standards and it is not about being a church attender. What enables us to continually encounter and experience Him is our longing for Him and spending forever grasping just how incredible His love for us is! You see, God is a good God.

There’s loads that happens in this world that is not what is in God’s heart for us and it breaks His heart too.

Not everything that happens in this world is as God would want it, but He has given us the choice over how we live.

If you are interested in exploring what it means to have a relationship with Father God, then there are a few ways we can help.

Pick up a Bible
We have some in Reception at The Warehouse and you can have one on us. Start by reading the four books about Jesus (He was, and is, amazing!) The books are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Come along or join us online
Come on a Sunday morning – We have new people every week and it’s very relaxed and informal. You would be made very welcome.
Ask Questions
Be brave and ask questions. We may not know the answer, but we’ll certainly try! Alpha groups are full of people asking questions and exploring just like you. New courses are starting all the time. We currently have a number running and there is always space for more courses and more people!
Join a Circle or a Culture group
These Circles and Culture Groups are Jesus-centred communities that run throughout the week. They’re all very friendly and you have a few different groups to choose from.
I’ve said Yes!
If you have said "Yes" to Jesus or want to know more about what a relationship with him looks like please get in touch with us by emailing hello@pneumachurch.uk and we would love to have a chat with you.

Once we have said "yes", it’s good to get baptised.

That means getting fully under water and coming straight back up – it’s a symbolic thing, meaning the old has gone and we have been made new. If you’re interested in being baptised (we do this at the beach or in The Warehouse in a big pool) then speak to one of the people leading a group you’re probably in, or call the church office and someone will be able to help.
He really is wonderful and being in that relationship is truly transformational. Just ask someone who you see around and they’ll tell you!

If you have any questions at all, please contact us. We would love to walk with you in your adventure of faith.